The plan was to relax…

Posted on Sep 27 2015 - 5:48e m by admin

… But you know us. We heard this amazing new song and imidiately decided to record a cover of it.
Our schedule is a vlog on Mondays and a cover on Thursdays, and that will be a little mixed up this upcoming weekend. See, we want to release the cover as fast as possible when it’s done and not have to wait with releasing it to Thursday. So next week we’re gonna switch the releases and the new cover will be released as early as tomorrow – if we’re able to shoot and edit the video in time.


The song we’re doing a brand new cover is One Direction’s epic new song ‘Infinity’.
You read it here, on first.

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  1. Simran 27 september, 2015 at 19:00 - Reply

    OMG! Can’t wait for it! It’s an amazing song. YAYY

  2. Vika 27 september, 2015 at 19:48 - Reply

    I’m just so proud of you and it’s getting bigger and bigger day by day. I’ve been sailing this whole week due to a project which is mainly created to connect people from all around the world and to learn that we are all the same. There was no wifi nor any kind of Internet connection which means I couldn’t see you nor hear you nor to be active. In these 7 days, you grew so big and fast that it was almost unbelievable for me to come back and see you like this. I’m really sorry for not being active as usual, but on the other hand, I was there with you through everything. I’ve been thinking about you guys all the time, wondering how are you, what are you doing, how many twitcams I’ve missed and if you ever thought I’ve left you. I was hoping that you understand I’ve been away bc I had obligations, not bc I gave up on you or something like that. There are no words good enough for me to describe how proud of you I am! It’s crazy. I’ve been around for a long time and I could never be as proud as I am now. You’ve been through a lot, privately and with band, and there, where you are now, is a place I knew you’ll reach. There is the place that doesn’t know how lucky it is for having you.
    I love you so damn much. ♥

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