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The 17th of May 2012, five young guys from Sweden met for the first time in real life.
Adam Lundgren, Samuel Danielsson, Michael Lee Cheung, Simon Samaeng and Johan Hammenfors.
There had been weeks of online meetings and preparations, but this day was the day the lads would finally get together and sing together, as One2Five.
That weekend resulted in a cover of Maroon 5’s ‘Payphone’. And two weeks later, that cover had 100.000 views.
Local media called it an instant success and One2Five were invited to tons of interviews, both in the written press and on radio.


Just as the band were to release their second cover, ‘Don’t wake me up’, they got a very interesting phone call from a high profile in the music business from LA that would change their lives for the next year. A trip to LA was being planed and in the mean time, One2Five kept releasing new covers, all of them were a big success. In January the guys flew over to LA to meet some of the highest rated music song writers and producers in the world and while in LA they also reported the departure of one band member, Michael.

As now a four member group, the name One2Five wasn’t relavant anymore, and in the studio of Diane Warren (Unbreak my heart, I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing) the new name was revealed, Dot SE. The name symbolised the internet country code for Sweden and the reason for choosing it was that the guys was proud to be Swedish.
14 days went fast in Los Angeles and awesome original songs were recorded. Next up was London where the guys stayed for about a week and pretty much did the same thing as in LA, met the most influent songwriters and producers in the country. More original songs were recorded.
After London came Copenhagen where Dot SE went two times for writing sessions and more meetings. Things were looking great, to say the least.


The spring of 2013 was crazy for the lads and they got to know the top notch of the music business. A new trip to LA to close a record deal was planed for the summer.
That trip never happend. Due to too much things at work, their manager simple wasn’t able to put the guys first, resulting in his departure.

Dot SE was now back at square one. But it wouldn’t take long before new interest was shown. This time from the Swedish duo Quiz and Larossi, two brilliant songwriters and producers who had worked with a lot of boybands before, Westlife was one of them. The guys started working with them in Stockholm and released a number of covers and also included the posibility to listen to the covers on Spotify. Everything seemed to be working out great, until three days before the band was going to sign a record deal with their record label.

Asking for an online meeting, Simon there declared that he wanted to leave the band to focus on a solo career.
Heartbroken and with no hard feelings, the guys accepted his decision saying ”We’ll meet at the top”.

With three members left, the guys was unsure of what to do next. They had always wanted to release an original song, after doing covers for over two years as a band. So a huge writing period started where the guys wrote a number of songs. A few covers was released in the mean time but the main focus was original songs.


In the spring of 2015, Johan told the guys that he wanted to apply for Swedish Idol, and since the guys didn’t have any record deal or other deals at the moment, Sam and Adam backed his decision. And the 9th of September it was shown on TV that Johan had made it to top 20, which means that he will go to the live acts. Adam and Sam are now the only members left in Dot SE.
And the focus has changed.

The guys realized that it all began on Youtube. This is the platform they where discovered on.
This is where the focus will be.


During the fall of 2016, Sam and Adam changed the band name to Next Phase, still going on the same direction as before but under a new name.
They also released their first original song called ‘Can I keep you?’ in November of 2016. More original songs will be released this spring.


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  1. Jessica Schell 14 september, 2015 at 18:21 - Reply

    You guys are amazing… Love ya

  2. Brittany 15 september, 2015 at 03:33 - Reply

    Hey, guys.

    So happy to see the site up and running!

    I just wanted to offer any help I can give. I know that English naturally isn’t your native tongue, and I thought that I would offer to edit any of your posts for you – if you wish – to help eliminate any grammar and spelling issues. :)

    You both are wonderfully proficient in English, but I know that writing in English (if it is a second language) can be more difficult, as I learned from my Swedish sister-in-law. :)

  3. Jenny Bautista 8 oktober, 2015 at 18:43 - Reply

    You know what, things happen for a reason. We’ll never know if we don’t try. You’re amazing and this is only the beginning of your new life :)

    You’ll see you will be at the top soon! Just keep trying and doing what you do.

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